POLL: Taking a break from Facebook?

February 6, 2013 9:04:44 AM PST
So, just how social have you been with the king of social media lately?

Two-thirds of online American adults are Facebook users, and yet more than half of them say they have taken breaks for a period of several weeks or more, and 27% plan to cut back on usage in 2013 according to a new study.

Pew says that 61% of Facebook users "have voluntarily taken a multi- week break from using the site." Here are the reasons they gave for doing so:

* Too busy/didn't have time 21%
* Wasn't interested/didn't like it 10%
* Waste of time/content not relevant 10%
* Too much drama/gossip/negativity/conflict 9%
* Was spending too much time on the site 8%
* Only an intermittent or infrequent user 8%
* Went on vacation/trip/deployment 8%
* Just got tired/bored with it 7%
* No real reason/just because 6%
* Concerns about privacy/security/ads/spam 4%
* Did not have computer/internet access 2%
* Prefer other ways to communicate/Facebook not "real life" 2%
* Health or age issues 2%
* Took a break for religious reasons 2%
* Didn't like posting all the time/didn't want to share 1%