Phillies tickets go on sale at Citizens Bank Park

February 13, 2013 3:59:00 PM PST
This was a big day for Phillies fans. Single game tickets went on sale at Citizens Bank Park in South Philadelphia.

The Phillies made a fun morning of it for fans who still like to come to the ballpark to buy their tickets in person.

"Ready to buy my tickets for the Phillies!" enthused Vanessa Washington Roberts of Northeast Philadelphia.

More than one hundred Phillies fans lined up to get their tickets Wednesday morning. The Phillie Phanatic was on hand to rile the crowd and fool around.

"I think we're going to have a great year," said Paula Bryan of Wallingford, Pa. "Last year ended in a fluke."

Last season may have not ended the way fans would have liked but the dedicated are moving forward.

Paula Bryan was first in line. She got to the ballpark at 7:00 p.m. Tuesday.

As a surprise reward for her dedication, former Phillie Tommy Greene bought her ticket for the first game of the season.

"It's exciting," said Paula. "I always loved Tommy Greene!"

"I thought I'd have to be the one to get her out of her chair, because her legs were frozen," said Greene.

Sales began at 8:30 a.m. Those who got in line early were treated to breakfast, a tour and a look at the World Series trophy.

"It's part of the tradition," said Vice President for Ticket Sales John Weber. "Some people just can't wait to come down and buy them in person."

The Phillies organization past and present knows it's all about the fans.

"We as fans give them their best motivation," said Charles Scott of Northeast Philadelphia. "There is nothing like a Philly fan."

"People say it's tough to play here," said Greene. "It's not. They're passionate fans, and they love their teams if you give them the effort."

Last season the Phillies sold 28,000 tickets. They have taken a dip in sales so far but are aiming to sell 25,000 this season.

There are plenty left for every game. Opening Day is April 5th.