Doylestown burglars strike again, four homes in 6 weeks

February 28, 2013 5:58:23 AM PST
Police in Doylestown, Bucks County are trying to crack a home burglary operation that they think has struck four homes in the past six weeks.

"I went to get coffee and I realized my wallet didn't have any money in it."

That was Rob Hutchinson's first clue that his home had been burglarized. Then his wife discovered her cash and her iPad had been taken.

A burglar had broken into their home and rummaged around while they slept.

"Someone had entered an open window from our kitchen and come in and taken our material while we slept. For this area, [it is] very frightening," Hutchinson said.

In all, four homes along Maple Avenue have been burglarized over the past six weeks.

At one house, they apparently cut the screen to try to open a window. When that didn't work, they broke a pane of glass in the door to open the lock.

So far, the burglars have taken mostly cash and small electronic items.

Residents are on edge, and following police advice to secure their homes.

"Our home's always locked, but I have two [dogs], first line of defense," resident Ernie Giancola said.

Dogs are a help and so are burglar alarms. Hutchinson had one installed immediately after his burglary.

He shudders to think of what might have happened if he had to confront the burglar.

"It was really a shock. The police department in Doylestown Borough is doing a great job. They came out, fingerprinted, they are trying their best," Hutchinson said.