Pa. House set to take up liquor privatization bill

March 20, 2013 4:25:29 AM PDT
The state House is scheduled to begin debate on the campaign to privatize Pennsylvania's system of state-owned liquor stores, an initiative backed by Republican Gov. Tom Corbett.

The House plans to take up the liquor privatization bill Wednesday, but it's not known if there will be a vote.

Stephen Miskin, a spokesman for House Republicans, says about 120 amendments are being proposed to the bill. He says those amendments are coming from both Republicans and Democrats.

The bill would give beer distributors first shot at 1,200 wine and spirit licenses and opens wine sales to supermarkets. In addition, the state's wine and spirit stores would be phased out as the number of private operates grows.

On Monday, the House Liquor Committee backed the bill in a 14-10 vote.