Young Coatesville athletes to meet President Obama

March 22, 2013 9:00:28 PM PDT
It's not every day that you get an invitation to the White House but young soccer players from Coatesville will soon go.

They're amped up and they're ready to score big in an once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.

Next Tuesday, this team of Coatesville kids will head to Washington D.C. to show off their "hat-tricks" to America's head coach, President Barack Obama.

"The children will meet the president as he makes a speech, then, they'll play out on the South Lawn of the White House," said Rob Smith, Soccer for Success.

It will be a unique drill for these local boys and girls who play for "Soccer for Success."

It's a free after-school soccer program for children in under-served, urban communities.

The program, run by the U.S. Soccer Foundation, teaches field skills, but also, actively promotes healthy living.

"We're trying to produce healthy kids that make healthy decisions," said Smith.

It also helps break away from obesity.

"It gives me a lot of exercise, helps to keep my health up," said Maci Mullen, player.

Staying healthy is something that First Lady Michelle Obama has been pushing in her "Let's Move" campaign. This pack of players is invited to the White House next week to help pass on the message.

"I feel very excited because I get to see the president," said Mullen.

"I actually feel kind of nervous and at the same time I feel kind of great because I never went to Washington D.C.," said Juan Reyes, player.

For the young athletes, it will certainly be team bonding experience unlike any other.