Eco-friendly, budget-friendly products for Earth Day

(Saving with 6abc - Amy Buckman)

May 15, 2013 8:51:46 AM PDT
As Earth Day approaches, Author Paige Wolf says you can be good to the environment and your wallet at the same time.

"Most things that you can do to be more eco-friendly will save you money," Wolf says. "Whether it's by saving energy or by saving water or simply buying less stuff that will last you longer."

Among the new eco-friendly products that Wolf likes: VZ wraps, which replace wrapping paper, tape and bows, and are re-usable.

Wolf says, "I have no time or interest in wrapping gifts. This takes three seconds to throw in a gift, tie the bow, you can re-use them for years, exchange them with your family, and not have to worry about buying all that extra junk."

The bags, which include attached bows, cost $3.25 to $16, depending on size.

Instead of using Ziploc bags for lunches, Wolf suggests reusable glass containers from WeanGreen. They're five times more durable than regular glass and have lids that are easy to snap on and off. You can buy them off Amazon or at Whole Foods.

She also likes baby and toddler food pouches from Squooshi, that you can fill with your own yogurt or baby food, wash and use again. The bottom end of the bags opens to make washing easy.

For washing pots and pans, Wolf suggests a Spaghetti Scrubber.

She explains, "They're not like your traditional Brillo pad, they're actually made from peach pits and corn cobs."

When you're done scrubbing, the Spaghetti Scrubs can be rinsed, air-dried and re-used.

For laundry, Wolf says you can replace detergent with Eco Nuts -- put five in the bag with your dirty clothes and you can do ten loads of laundry.

She explains, "What they are are organic berries that create a natural soap. You stick about five of them in a bag, use them instead of detergent and you can use them up to 10 times to get your clothes completely clean."

A large box costs $10 and is good for 100 loads. Plus, she says using one $5 felted wool dyer ball will replace dryer sheets forever. Bog Berry dryer balls are made in Philadelphia.

Wolf says, "You can use them over and over, they keep your clothes static and wrinkle-free, and they also help reduce dryer time to save you energy."

For more of Wolf's economical and eco-friendly tips, check out her blog by clicking here.