$665,000 stolen from Downingtown School District recovered

April 12, 2013 3:21:13 PM PDT
Authorities say a group of cyber criminals hacked into the Downingtown School District's bank account and stole $665,000.

Superintendent Lawrence Mussoline stood with local law enforcement on Friday to announce that all $665,000 stolen has been recovered and returned.

It was just Tuesday when employees in the district's business office noticed irregularities in the bank accounts and realized they'd been hacked.

Local law enforcement was alerted and then the FBI.

"Upon further investigation by these agencies, it was discovered that unbeknownst to anyone in the district three wire transfers had been sent to foreign bank accounts," said Dr. Mussoline.

Authorities won't say how exactly they located all the money and returned it to district accounts.

However, law enforcement officials did say this is a prime example of sophisticated cyber criminals at work, and it's a good reminder to anyone with a bank account to keep close track of all activity.

"If there's any message that we want to get through here, it is for people to be diligent and recognize the least irregularity when they're on the internet," said Bill Latoff, DNB First Bank.

Law enforcement officials on hand would provide no further details on how this happened or who they think was behind it. An investigation continues.