Spring an unwelcome time for allergy sufferers

April 26, 2013 3:07:56 PM PDT
For allergy sufferers, blooming trees in the spring is not always a welcome a sight.

"I get a sore throat, sniffling, sneezing, congestion," said Rodney Landis.

Allergist Dr. George Belecanech of The Asthma Center showed us the official tool in our area used to measure the pollen count.

Right now he says the level of tree pollen is very high and it's getting higher.

"Over the weekend and into next week we expect they'll start to hit extreme levels. Historically here pollen hits its highest level the first two weeks of May," said Dr. Belecanech.

He says now is the time to act. Allergy medication works best when it's used before symptoms start.

"We typically tell our patients to use their medication on a regular basis throughout the spring season," said Dr. Belecanech.

It's a plan Landis follows. He's already been taking his medication and says symptoms are minimal.

"Today's not too bad," he said.

Allergy sufferers should also keep windows closed and air conditioner on even if it's not that warm.

Most can still go outside and enjoy the nice weather but allergy sufferers should remember:

"When they go indoors to change clothes and shower to get pollen off so they don't have that constant reservoir of pollen to inhale," said Dr. Belecanech.

Doctors also recommend a non-drowsy antihistamine that works for 12-24 hours. If you still don't have any relief, be sure to visit your primary care physician or a specialist.