Green Eggs Cafe in Center City closes after rats feast

CENTER CITY - May 6, 2013

A sign on the window says the closing is due to a break in their sewage main.

The break, according to the owner, was what allowed a number of large rats to get inside the popular restaurant Sunday night.

It was overnight that people began to post pictures and a video of rats running around on top of the tables at the Green Eggs Cafe at 13th and Locust.

The rats could be seen eating a pizza that had been left out.

Customers were horrified to learn of the rats after the video went viral all over the internet.

Maura Craig and her two friends from Boston saw the scene unfold.

"There was a crowd of people here screaming, I thought there was a sporting event on TV," Craig said.

"It was the most disgusting thing I've ever seen in my life," Craig said.

"Not just one, like 10, 12, crawled all over in open pizza boxes just open on the table," Kara Flynn said.

The women said the rats didn't even react when people began banging on the window to try to scare them away.

"You just see the rats sitting there, not moving, not caring at all," Lisa McCoun said.

"They did not even flinch and we were all banging and screaming on the windows," Craig said.

The place is very popular with the young crowd.

"It's a very popular restaurant. On Sundays, you can't even get into the place, the line is out the door," one patron said.

The owner, Steve Slaughter, tells Action News that the rats were able to get in through an area around a sewage pipe.

He says he first learned of the problem last night by a customer and has been working to fix the problem.

Some customers told Action News they would never eat at this location again.

"I would never come here now, I would never eat here. There's no way," Deena Winton of Center City.

Slaughter, who owns two other Green Eggs Cafe locations in the city, says he has secured a permit from the city to have a plumber come out Tuesday to fix the pipe and seal the area where the rats came in through.

He says other than the pizza that was left out, the rats were not able to gain access to food that was stored away.

The city health department says it will require an inspection before the place will be allowed to reopen to the public.

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