28 charged in Atlantic City drug gang takedown (PHOTOS)

Shawn Pettis, 28, Conspiracy to Commit Murder, Weapons Offenses, Distribution of Cocaine/Heroin, Conspiracy to Distribute Cocaine/Heroin

May 14, 2013 2:56:52 PM PDT
A total of 28 people have been charged as part of a drug gang takedown in Atlantic City.


New Jersey Attorney General Jeffrey Chiesa announced the arrests during a news conference on Tuesday afternoon.

The suspects are allegedly members of the "800 Blok" street gang, which was dealing heroin and cocaine in the Back Maryland Avenue section of the city.

A total 18 people were arrested during a sweep on Tuesday, adding to six who were already in custody. Four other suspects are being sought.

The arrests were the result of "Operation Blok Buster," an eight-month investigation into the gang, Chiesa said.

Four suspects were identified as high-volume distributors of cocaine: Shawn Pettis, 28, Asmar Coley, 34, Shawn Williams, 30 and Lawrence Rooks, 25.

In addition, Pettis was also charged with conspiracy to commit murder after he was arrested while allegedly plotting to kill a man with a stolen gun.

The investigation also led to the arrest of Razzaq Shannon, 21, who is charged with first-degree murder for allegedly shooting Christon Hargrove, 21, in the head in the 800 block of North Virginia Avenue on July 8, 2012.

During the operation, authorities say they seized three handguns and a shotgun, as well as significant quantities of heroin and cocaine.

Razzaq Shannon is being held in the Atlantic County Jail on $1 million cash bail, and Shawn Pettis on $750,000 cash bail. The other defendants have bail set at $330,000 or less.

The following is a list of the individuals charged in Operation Blok Buster:

Shawn Pettis, 28, Conspiracy to Commit Murder, Weapons Offenses, Distribution of Cocaine/Heroin, Conspiracy to Distribute Cocaine/Heroin
Asmar Coley, 34, Distribution of Cocaine
Shawn Williams, 30, Distribution of Cocaine
Lawrence Rooks, 25, Distribution of Cocaine
Robert Creek, 33, Distribution of Heroin
Vanuel Gray, 35, Distribution of Heroin
Shahied Page, 36, of Pleasantville, Distribution of Heroin
Isiah Pettis, 21, Distribution of Cocaine/ Heroin, Conspiracy to Distribute Cocaine/Heroin
Rashad Stephens, 22, Distribution of Heroin
Aarod Moore, 21, Distribution of Cocaine
Derrick Deans, 53, Distribution of Prescription Pain Pills/Conspiracy to Distribute Pain Pills
Leon Henry, 25, Distribution of Heroin, Conspiracy to Distribute Heroin
Samuel Dunmore, 27, Distribution of Cocaine
Keith Cundiff, 28, Distribution of Heroin
Eric Teasley, 21, Distribution of Heroin
Derick Johnson, 45, Distribution of Heroin
Robert Davis, 44, Distribution of Heroin
Julius Bing, 33, Distribution of Heroin
Javar Bing, 31, Distribution of Heroin
Keith Jackson, 36, Distribution of Heroin
"Marcus" [Full Name Unknown], Distribution of Cocaine
"K" [Full Name Unknown], Distribution of Cocaine

Previously Arrested:

Razzaq Shannon, 21, Murder
Rasan McGee, 22, Distribution of Heroin
Mark Robinson, 18, Distribution of Heroin
Dominec Robinson, 23, Distribution of Heroin
Marshall Coley, 24, Distribution of Heroin
Kareem Rex, 18, Obstruction of Justice