Reading family loses son to swinging rope game

May 17, 2013 4:05:47 PM PDT
A Reading family is sharing their story of unspeakable tragedy in hopes to help others avoid the dangers of a seemingly harmless game.

Chris Boggs and his wife Renee are struggling to raise enough money to give their son a proper funeral.

7-year old Josiah "Jojo" Boggs died on the eve of Mother's Day.

His parents found him hanging from a closet rod with a curtain tied around his neck.

The Boggs, who have 6 surviving children, tell Action News some of the kids were playing a new game called "helicopter" where the curtain is used as a twirling rope swing.

"I found my son standing upright with the curtain on his neck," said Chris Boggs.

"It is a dangerous game. I can't save my son, because it is too late, but I can try to save other people's children," said Renee Boggs.

The Boggs family was already packing up to leave Reading for Georgia where Chris Boggs has lined up a new job, and then this happened. They are struggling.

"I try to be strong for my wife and my kids," said Chris. "I break every day, and I try not to let my wife and kids see me break, because I'm a man and I need to strong for them."

"Every day I wake up looking for my son, and he's not here. I don't even let my kids out of my sight too often; never really. They go to school and back home," said Renee.

The family was living in a house on 17th Street when the tragedy took place last Saturday.

After a full investigation, police believe it was a freak accident; the result of young children just playing around.

A few months ago, the Boggs lost their original home in a fire.

They have been forced to set up an account to raise the $5,300 needed for the funeral.

Josiah Boggs Fund
PNC Bank ? Renee Robinson (Josiah's mother)
501 North Wyomissing Boulevard
Wyomissing, PA 19610