Vietnam vets set up memorial for Flag Day in Levittown

LEVITTOWN, Pa. - June 14, 2013

There, the vets planted 58,000 small flags, one for every American killed or missing in action during the war.

"If it wasn't for these people here that we plant flags for, we wouldn't have what we have," said Ferdie Tellado of Levittown.

The flag memorial mirrors the size and shape of the Vietnam Memorial in Washington, D.C. and also has a circled star to honor those killed and serving in Iraq and Afghanistan.

The memorial is named for Donald Jones' late father.

"This organization has been my support group and I just try to carry on what he wanted," Jones said.

Army veteran John Kendrick gets emotional remembering his buddies who didn't come back.

"A flag represents each one of the people I know that [lost] their lives there and i'm just glad everybody now appreciates it," said Kendrick.

"These gentlemen were 19-20 years of age and they didn't have the opportunity I did. I'm a combat wounded veteran and i did come home and I have four beautiful children," said Joe Hogan of Levittown.

Each year Joe Hanak writes a message on one of the flags he plants to his late fathe, a veteran. This year it says "Love you dad, miss you."

There are activities at the memorial site all weekend including a concert and motorcycle rally.

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