Trenton hopes to stop shootings with Safe Box

TRENTON - July 8, 2013

On Monday, council members introduced the Safe Box.

Similar to prayer boxes found in churches, they'll be placed at City Hall and in churches around town where people can leave tips safely, and anonymously, for police.

"If it's info about a gun, put it in the box. If it's info about drugs, put it in the box," said Councilman Zach Chester.

"It's not traceable. There's no name, no anything," said Council President Phyllis Holly-Ward. "If you really want to get savvy you won't have to write it, you could type it."

To start out, the pastor of Grace Community on State Street will use the prayer box that sits on the congregation's piano, hoping to change the no-snitching culture.

"We feel that having a safe place, a safe box, would kind of give our families some release to share information," said the Rev. Ethan Evans.

With more than 100 shootings and 20 homicides so far this year, the mother of one murder victim - whose killers haven't been caught - is urging people to tell what they know.

"These are your cousins, nieces, nephews uncles, whatever. We have to tell on them," said Regina Thompson-Jenkins.

There's no guarantee it'll work but council members feel like they've got to do something to try to dial back on the shootings in the city.

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