Federal investigators continue water search near Falls Bridge

EAST FALLS - July 16, 2013

Agents found a gun. But sources said the weapon is not related to their investigation.

The find came on the second day of a search in connection with what the FBI says is a white collar crime.

Investigators have not said specifically what they are looking for.

On Monday,. divers and boats scoured the river, using sophisticated sonar devices to peer through the murky water as they searched for evidence in what is being called a white collar crime investigation.

Officials said someone dumped something in the water.

That first day of searching ended at 5:00 p.m. Monday, about ten hours after the FBI set up camp along Ridge Avenue near the bridge in East Falls.

The spectacle drew onlookers who reacted with curiosity and fear.

"I want some answers," said Jeff Hurd of Fairmount. "I'm nervous."

Hurd was among those unnerved by the ominous-looking scene.

FBI agents huddled with federal prosecutors under shade canopies comparing notes and mapping strategy.

"I was thinking maybe somebody was hiding out, running from the police. Some wanted criminal or something," said Hurd.

The divers are from the FBI's Underwater Search and Evidence Recovery Team. This particular team, from New York, is one of four underwater search teams in the country.

They were assisted Monday by the Philadelphia Police Marine Unit.

The onlookers had a lot of questions.

"It's surprising, but I have no idea what's actually happened," said Joseph Kinsey of Mt. Airy, adding that he'd like to know.

We'd all like to know, but federal investigators remain tight-lipped on this one.

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