Suspects sought in Northeast Philadelphia home invasion


One man is in custody, but the search is on for three more.

Detectives recovered a loaded .45 caliber handgun in the backyard of a child daycare center. They are sure it was one of the weapons used in the overnight home invasion on the 5300 block of Large Street.

Police say it was around 3:30 a.m. when four men in hoodies broke into the corner row house and made off with computers, cash, guns and cameras.

The suspects at first took off in a car, which was found abandoned a few blocks away with another gun left behind.

The police made one arrest as the suspects fled on foot. He is being questioned at this hour.

Neighbors say the victims, a family of three including a child, moved into the house from West Philadelphia just a couple of months ago.

The father, Manny, told Action News that no one in his family was harmed.

Police were able to respond quickly to the crime scene because Manny fled to a fast food restaurant and few blocks away and called 911 to report the crime in progress.

In the meantime, neighbors here in Oxford Circle are shaken up.

Arlene Montalvo tells Action News, "I never seen this before. No home invasion. I live right around the corner. I just think... I'm very, very in shock."

Melvin Raymond reacted to news of the home invasion, saying, "I think it's sad, you know. Because we have families around here, and God forbid if somebody run up in my house. There's going to be consequences, that's all I got to say."

Investigators are now encouraging the man in custody to help himself by giving up the names of his co-conspirators.

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