Trenton besieged by gun violence

Action News was on the scene after two police detectives were shot in Trenton, New Jersey on Thursday morning.

August 17, 2013 10:34:15 AM PDT
It's been called "a war zone" by New Jersey's top prosecutor.

The capital city of Trenton is awash in gun violence and officials are trying to stop the tide. The mayor's circumstances complicate matters, though.

Mayor Tony Mack is awaiting trial on federal corruption charges and few people want to be publicly associated with him.

Instead, Gov. Chris Christie has turned to the attorney general, and uniformed state police will now patrol Trenton's most violent streets. Prosecutors plan to seek tough prison sentences in illegal weapons cases.

This year, 30 people have died in homicides in Trenton and 150 have been shot. The city's on pace to surpass its deadliest year - 2005 - when 35 people were killed.

The mayor was not available for comment on the city's violence.