6 arrested in local meth investigation

GILBERTSVILLE, Pa. - October 8, 2013

Montgomery County District Attorney Risa Vetri Ferman and Berks County District Attorney John Adams announced the results of the case on Tuesday, dubbed 'Operation Breaking Bad.'

Investigators say the investigation began back in December, 2012, as Jose Dejesus Montilla allegedly sold crystal meth to undercover detectives.

Then, in January, Montilla and some of the other suspects met undercover detectives at Zern's Farmers Market in in Gilbertsville, where they allegedly sold cocaine to the detectives.

Other meetings followed, leading to another buy at Zern's market on August 31st.

There, investigators say, Hector Hugo Cucuas sold meth to undercover detectives while Eloy Solorio-Flores, and Alder Hernandez-Solorio acted as lookouts. All three were then arrested.

Montilla, along with Juan Carlos Morales-Soria, were arrested later, while the final suspect, Alejandro Ruiz Cabrera, was arrested on October 7th.

Charges against the defendants include: Corrupt Organization; Delivery, and/or Possession with the Intent to Deliver a Controlled Substance; Criminal Conspiracy; Firearms not to be Carried without a License; Criminal Use of Communication Facility; and related charges.

"Crystal meth is the product that they want to sell because that's where they can make the most money, there is very little competition for them and they are looking to create that market for that poison in this community," Ferman said.

"The cartel seems to be switching their modus operandi, moving toward methamphetamine so they can make more profit," said Adams.

All six suspects are Mexican nationals. All but one are in the country illegally, Ferman said, having been deported several times before.

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