Healthcheck: Tips to lose baby weight

October 11, 2013

Little Hannah Sterner came into the world just three weeks ago.

Already her mom can't help but think about getting her body back - thanks to images in the media.

"There's all these actors and actresses and models who have a baby and two seconds later all the weight is gone," said Becca Sterner, new mom.

It seems that celebrities like Penelope Cruz and the Duchess of Cambridge shed their baby weight overnight.

Other stars like Jessica Simpson and Kim Kardashian appear to go into hiding until they're ready to make a perfect post baby body debut.

However let's face it, that's not reality for most moms.

"I don't have a chef, I don't have a personal trainer, I don't have money to buy all kinds of corsets," said Sterner.

Sterner knows now that shouldn't be her focus. She spent time at Renfrew years ago, getting treatment for anorexia.

Dr. Susan Ice says post-partum is a difficult time for women. If they're vulnerable, the pressure to lose weight could spark an eating disorder.

"My advice would be, first of all, focus on the fact that they are a new mother. They really need to be devoted to their new babies. In order to take care of young ones, they have to take best care of themselves," said Dr. Ice.

Eat healthy foods, get some exercises and sleep when you can. Dr. Ice says in time your body will take care of itself.

Sterner has two other kids. "I don't have time to be sick anymore. It's not about how I look physically, it's about me being healthy for my family," she said.

You should forget about dieting at least for the first six weeks and if you are breast-feeding, you have to keep your calories up.

After this time, the healthiest way to lose the weight is by losing just a pound or two a week.

Remember, you gained the weight gradually over nine months, so it will have to come off gradually as well.

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