Exercising while balancing the holidays

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December 2, 2013 3:09:54 PM PST
Think of the holidays and family, fun and festivities may come to mind. But fitness often takes a back burner. That's why it always seems to be such a popular New Year's resolution.

However, even if getting to the gym doesn't fit into the holiday hustle and bustle, staying fit can.

With 3 kids, getting to the gym is hard enough. Throw in a long holiday to-do list and time isn't on Melissa McMullen's side.

"Trying to get some shopping done or baking it makes it more challenging," Melissa says.

But personal trainer and mom of 3 herself, Danielle Mauger says carving out a few minutes for some exercises throughout the day will help you keep the spirit and better handle that other "S" word.

Mauger tells us, "It's not only to look good but it's an awesome stress reliever."

With these moves, no equipment or gym is needed.

Pushups - 10 to 20 on your knees or in a full plank, then work up to putting your feet on a chair or ottoman for elevated pushups. You can do Tricep dips using that ottoman again! For an added challenge? Raise up one leg.

Squats - If you have a little guy at home like I do, squats are easy to fit in during snack time. Add a little hop for more calorie burn.

Lunges - Here's another way to multi-task - lunges can work your quads and quiet a fussy baby!

Situps - You can get your toddler involved by having him sit on your feet while you do basic situps.

Burpees - An easy way to get your heart rate up.

Planks - While you're holding that plank for 1 minute, you're targeting that pesky tummy area.

Jump squats - This exercise will give you a quick cardio boost and may make nap time a bit easier.

Mountain climbers - Have a glass of water handy for this one. Mountain climbers work your entire core.

Mauger suggests doing at least a few of these moves every day, even if it's in between doing dishes or a load of laundry. But remember, try to keep healthy goals.

"The mindset should be towards being healthy, strong and fit, rather than I have to get this in because I have to get in my skinny jeans," says Mauger.

Check out this workout routine from Danielle which she says takes just 10 minutes.