Help losing weight in the New Year

January 1, 2014

He continues to live healthy and encourages others to join him.

When America first met Mike Epstein of Voorhees, New Jersey he weighed 417 pounds. He was chosen for ABC's Extreme Weight Loss.

Mike wanted to lose weight to improve his health and be there for his family.

"I was always there for them emotionally, I could always take them to their game, I could cheer for them, but I was a spectator, and I wanted to be a participant," said Mike.

In less than a year's time, Mike shed more than 200 pounds through diet and exercise.

Action News caught up with him this week at Smart Bodies in Marlton, New Jersey with his wife, daughter and son.

Since the show aired this summer, he has built back 30 pounds of muscle.

"I was saying how do I set new goals? How do I continue to transform," said Mike.

He believes everyone has a super hero inside. He now helps others find theirs with a program called Hero Unleashed.

"It is a matter of believing it, knowing it is there and bringing it out," he said.

As we embark on 2014, many will resolve to lose weight and get healthy. Mike says believing in yourself is key.

And like a superhero, you must continue to challenge yourself.

"Go try something you are not comfortable with because once you get through that comfortable moment, it makes you stronger, it empowers you, it gives you momentum," Mike said.

Cindy Brown of Core Fitness echoes similar advice. They are starting a program called Commit 30.

The program gives people a new challenge by incorporating fitness, nutrition and healthy thinking.

"It is really for everyone who is looking to get active and make a change in the New Year," said Cindy.

She says New Year's resolutions can be tough, so instead of making huge, unrealistic goals, start small.

"Let me just do what feels good right now, walk, go do some stairs. Once you start to feel better, energized, then start to think about what lies ahead," she said.

And just as Mike said, momentum will grow, and change will happen.

"Lean and mean in 2014...and Go Eagles," said Mike.

Both Cindy and Mike also say there is power in numbers. If you can talk friends or family into joining you to make healthy changes, it will be easier and more fun.

Information on Core Fitness program COMMIT 30:

When: Program kicks off Monday, January 13th. Ends February 12th. Kick off on January 13th includes: Welcome, Body measurements, Body Fat and BMI taken, and a brief workout.

What: 30 day fitness program, focused on staying motivated and improving body and mind. Combines unlimited fitness classes, nutritional counseling and education, 2 workshops (Meal Planning/shopping, Food Prep & Fitness & the Mind/Body connection).

Discounted Personal Training sessions. (private or in group)

Mentoring and support groups - 2 newest CF trainers also therapists. Helping to connect the importance of being fit physically and feeling good mentally.

Most importantly, all this takes place in a supportive group setting, providing accountability, peer support, and motivation unlike any other fitness program in this area. The camaraderie developed in this program actually makes people want to come to class and get very much involved in the program. We've seen it work!

How: Register on line at For more information: Contact person: Gina Mancuso (215) 421- 7856. Registration - $199

* Core Fitness offered a discount that expired December 31st for $179. Mention seeing the story on Action News and they will honor that discount.

Where: Class locations: Art Museum steps, Performance Garage: 1515 Brandywine Street, Ukrainian League building, 23rd and Brown street., Studio 1831 -18th and Brandywine street, (and possibly Urban Saloon -working out those details)

ACRONYM: Goals, make them:

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