Bandits go on car break-in spree in Montgomery County

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January 15, 2014 2:40:35 PM PST
There have been a number of vehicle break-ins in one part of Montgomery County. Residents have had money, laptops and i-pods stolen right outside their homes.

Quiet Kristin Circle off Sumneytown Pike in Upper Gwynnd was the spot where, overnight from Tuesday into Wednesday, 3 cars parked in driveways were ripped off. Authorities tell Action News all of the cars while unlocked, were illegally entered and had items stolen.

There have been about 15 reports of break-ins during the last 2 overnight periods in the community of 15,000.

Police say the suspects are grabbing everything from cash to iPods to credit cards and laptops.

Most of the time the cars were left unlocked.