Dining Deals during Center City Restaurant Week

CENTER CITY - January 20, 2014

Center City Restaurant Week is under way and runs through the end of the month. More than 120 restaurants are offering discounted, three-course dining deals every day except Saturday night, January 25, 2014.

Michelle Shannon of the Center City District explains, "The dinner deal is $35 for three courses, and the lunch deal is $20 for three courses. It's good to check our website, we have a full listing, of who's offering what."

Among the menu offerings at Rosa Blanca: lentil soup garnished with kale and banana, vaca frita with arroz morro and for dessert pastel de pina.

Chef Jose Olmeda explains, "It's our version of a pineapple upside-down cake, with a little guava butter on the bottom, and pineapple in the middle, and a little guava glaze on top."

Some participating restaurants let you choose from the whole menu, others design special menus for Restaurant Week. But no matter where you want to dine, it's a good idea to make reservations.

Shannon adds, "The restaurants, and especially some of the higher-end restaurants particularly, get booked up quickly, so you really need to pick up the phone and call the restaurants, or you can book a lot of the restaurants through Open Table.com."

In addition to the discounted dining, you can take advantage of discounted parking during Restaurant Week. Click here for participating locations.

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