Accused Mayfair tire slasher found guilty on 15 of 60 counts

PHILADELPHIA - February 5, 2014

46-year-old David Toledo was acquitted Wednesday of 45 counts, but convicted of 15 misdemeanor and summary offenses. He remains free on bail with sentencing set for March 24th. He faces a maximum of 15 years in prison.

Following the verdict the District Attorney's Office released a statement which reads in part:

" Toledo not only damaged his neighbors' cars on more than one occasion, he also slashed his own tires in an effort to cover-up his crimes and throw police off his trail. Toledo held an entire neighborhood hostage with his criminal actions and the jury clearly saw that by convicting him today."

Toledo was charged with slashing dozens of tires in Mayfair where he moved with his wife in the fall of 2011.

He was an outspoken town watch member who claimed his tires had been slashed multiple times. However, police say it was Toledo all along who terrorized the neighborhood for months.

On one occasion Toledo even told our cameras, "I hope the cops get them before the neighbors get them because he did a lot of damage and if the neighbors get him, God knows what's going to happen to the guys."

On February 13th, Toledo said, "We go to work every day and then you have to call in late and explain to them that my tires are flat, it's not right."

Later that month, he told Action News, "It's tough right now. We can't afford hundreds of dollars every other week for tires for damage."

On February 19th, Toledo said, "I can't afford this. It's ridiculous. The cops, they have to stop it."

In the end, police said they stopped it by arresting Toledo.

He was convicted of damaging the tires on his own vehicle, as well as a weapons charge and criminal mischief.

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