Local businesses cope with power outages

MALVERN, Pa. - February 7, 2014

Even Vanguard, one of the world's largest investment management companies, headquarters in Malvern, Pa., was hit hard by the storm.

When the power went out Wednesday, backup generators ensured that employees would have a little less light, but wouldn't miss a beat.

"They're basically diesel-fueled generators that service the needs of the building," said Mike Bray of Vanguard.

Those needs include the desktop lights at employee work stations and power for their computers and phone systems to enable the financial analysts, advisors and administrators to assist their clients without interruption.

"We've had a lot of storms this year, but our client's investment needs, their demands for inquiries about their accounts, processing their transaction, do not. We need to be ready to serve them," said Bray.

Those backup generators also make sure the company's cafeteria - or the galley, as Vanguard calls it - stays up and running with Chef Mike at the helm.

It's a similar story at Minella's Diner in Wayne. A generator and storm-struck customers have kept business busy for much of the week.

When asked if he's seen a lot of extra business, since the start of the storm, manager Thomas Koutsoutis said "Almost double."

It isn't the first storm that's tried to slow business at Minella's. The diner has been a fixture here on Lancaster Avenue in Wayne for more than a half-century, so it's no wonder that when the storm hit everyone looking for a hot meal they couldn't cook at home flocked here.

"Everybody, from college kids to whole families, everybody's here," said Koutsoutis. "We have to charge their cell phones and get them on their way."

By the way, both Vanguard and Minella's Diner got their power back on Friday.

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