Police cruiser runs stop sign, collides with minivan


Surveillance video captured the brutal accident. Luckily, everyone walked away with just minor injuries.

The accident happened around 10:45 a.m. Monday at the intersection of Reese and Dauphin streets.

The minivan was heading east on Dauphin and the patrol car was headed south on Reese.

Two patrol cars rushed to the scene, answering a call for help from other officers.

The video first shows one cruiser blow through the intersection, barely slowing for the stop sign. Then a second cruiser follows, and when he goes through the stop sign he broadsides the minivan, which had the right of way.

The stunned driver of the van hit the gas before coming to a rest in a cloud of smoke on Reece Street.

Some neighbors were upset that the other officers initially ran to help the cop involved in the crash, and only a bystander went to check on the other driver.

Syamaria Roberts witnessed the aftermath. She tells us, "All the cops ran to go see if that cop over there was OK. But didn't go see if the lady ... was alright."

Both the driver of the van and the officer in the cruiser were taken to the hospital with complaints of aches and pains. There is no word on their condition.

The video surveillance also caught the fight to which the officers were responding.

Three young men were walking along the street when they were approached by a police van. The officers had them stand with their hands against the van, but one broke free and started fighting with one of the officers.

At this point, the officers apparently call for help and that's when the two cop cars raced to the scene and through the stop sign.

Miguel Rivera saw the struggle. He explains, "When the cops was fussing up the people. And one gentleman, they had to strip him naked ... he had a gun that he tossed to the side."

The police are still piecing together their report, but admit the officer ran the stop sign and caused the accident.

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