94-year-old completes journey to all 7 continents using virtual reality technology

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Thursday, February 1, 2024
94-year-old completes journey to all 7 continents using virtual reality technology
Thanks to modern technology, a 94-year-old once avid traveler got to visit a rare destination without leaving the comfort of her residence.

LANGHORNE, Pennsylvania (WPVI) -- Recently, Mary Rogers' dream of traveling to Antarctica became a reality, using virtual reality technology at her residence at Oxford Crossings in Langhorne, Pennsylvania.

"I am so overwhelmed by it," says Rogers. "Is this really happening? Am I really seeing Antarctica?"

Oxford Crossings Life Enrichment Director Jennifer McLaughlin helped guide Rogers through the experience. She was able to see almost ten different areas in Antarctica, including Deception Island.

"It's amazing," says Rogers.

"Rendever is a virtual reality platform," says McLaughlin.

Users just put on the goggles to be transported to the destination of their choosing.

"It makes you feel as if you're there - in an immersive environment," says McLaughlin.

"Look at the penguins up on the right, in the mountain," says Rogers.

"And she had an amazing journey," says McLaughlin. "I don't want her to have any regrets."

This trip completed a longtime goal for Rogers, who was an avid traveler.

"I have been to the seven continents," she says. "I had not been to Antarctica, and I feel complete now."

Rogers says she only started traveling after her four kids were in college.

"And then my two sisters and I all had the travel bug," she says. "And then we three sisters took off for England."

She's been to about 65 countries, all over the world, including Greece, Thailand, and Turkey.

"I loved Hong Kong," she says.

She's also been to Africa and Argentina and has pet kangaroos in Australia.

"Australia is a wonderful continent, but then, they all are wonderful," says Rogers.

McLaughlin calls Rendever "inspiring" for residents because it affords them the ability to travel to new places without having to leave their residences.

"The world is different," says Rogers. "I hope that everybody gets a chance to see as much of it as they possibly can."

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