Taylored Faces' art inspires hope with powerfully painted portraits

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Tuesday, January 3, 2023
Taylored Faces inspires hope with powerfully painted portraits
A Philadelphia artist illustrates emotion through vibrant colors by painting portraits for people experiencing hard times.

PHILADELPHIA -- Tisha Taylor takes blank canvases and illustrates her subject's emotional journeys through painted portraits.

"My favorite kind of art is my paintings that show emotion and vibrant colors that evoke emotions in people," said Taylor.

Taylored Faces and Balloons is the company she created out of necessity to pay her bills.

Taylor had been painting portraits in secret for two years. When she couldn't work her in-person job during the pandemic, she decided to go public with her art and make it a career.

"And they started selling like hotcakes," said Taylor.

Taylor is often commissioned to paint portraits for people who are experiencing hard times.

"Maybe someone's dad passed away, or mom passed away and they want to do a surprise unveiling for them because they feel like that's going to help them, and it usually does," she said.

When Taylor painted a portrait for her friend, Ivori, who was battling cancer, high emotions overcame both of them.

"Putting my eyes on the painting today, what I heard was validation," said Ivori Marie Campbell.

"I feel like you have to do that during your process, you have to make other people feel happy during your journey," said Taylor.

In the future, Taylor hopes to have one of her pieces featured on a large scale such as in a museum or a film.

Customers can commission their own portraits of loved ones or themselves, and learn about face painting services through Taylors Instagram.