King of Prussia man arrested after foiled plot to kidnap, murder estranged wife: DA

Tuesday, November 21, 2023
King of Prussia man arrested after foiled plot to kidnap, murder estranged wife: DA
King of Prussia man arrested after foiled plot to kidnap, murder estranged wife: DA

KING OF PRUSSIA, Pennsylvania (WPVI) -- A Montgomery County, Pennsylvania man has been arrested and charged for attempting to kidnap, rape and murder his estranged wife, authorities said.

Police say Geoffrey Kay-Conway Sr., 52, of King of Prussia, was on a mission to kill himself after killing his estranged wife.

Kay-Conway stalked his estranged wife before attacking her at the King of Prussia Walmart at about 10:45 a.m. Sunday, according to officials.

He allegedly installed a tracking device on the victim's vehicle before following her to the store.

Police said he stabbed her in the leg several times and forced her to sit in the passenger seat of her car.

She was able to get away from Kay-Conway by yelling for help as she escaped.

Officers said they found zip ties, duct tape, a blindfold and other weapons in his truck. They also found a two-page letter that detailed his plans after he kidnapped her.

In the letter, Kay-Conway wrote he had one and a half months to kill his wife.

At one point, the letter stated, "Could have Killed her 17 times if I wanted. What a week (sic) system."

The alleged assault happened while a protection from abuse order was in effect. The order was placed after Kay-Conway was released from jail for initial stalking charges.

According to Laurel House, Montgomery County's comprehensive domestic violence agency, national statistics show that 81% of women who were stalked by a current or former husband/cohabitating partner were also physically assaulted by that partner and 31% were sexually assaulted.

"She did everything right. She did everything right," commented Kathy Rusch, a medical advocate coordinator at the Women's Center of Montgomery County.

Locally, Rusch says the center observes 4,000 men and women a year in Montgomery County.

"If you are strangled by an intimate partner, or somebody in your family, you are 750 times more likely to die by gun by that same individual. That type of assault is getting worse and worse," she added.

For the victim in this case and for anyone else in need, Rusch says there is a community of support waiting.

"She has an entire community of support in Montgomery County. She has an entire organization, many organizations, I'm sure. But the Women's Center, that's what we do, we're there to help women and men who are in this situation," said Rusch.

Laurel House can be reached at 800-642-3150 or by texting "HOPE" to 85511.

The Women's Center of Montgomery County can be reached at 800-773-2424 and is located at 2506 N Broad St STE 203 in Colmar, Pennsylvania.

Kay-Conway Sr. is facing attempted murder, kidnapping and attempted rape charges.