Author Jadzia Axelrod contributes to transgender representation in literature

In addition to writing, Jadzia is also a board member for Philadelphia Family Pride.
PHILADELPHIA (WPVI) -- Jadzia Axelrod is the author of a new DC Comics graphic novel called Galaxy: The Prettiest Star.

"Galaxy is a space princess in exile and she's hiding out on Earth. She's disguised as a human and as an extra level of disguise, she's disguised as a human boy" says Jadzia.

It's a superhero story with themes of discovering powers and claiming identity.

Since its release, audiences have quickly embraced the character.

She also recently wrote a story for the 2022 DC Comics pride anthology about Batgirl and her best friend Alysia Yeoh, who is a trans woman.

Jadzia is proud to contribute to the representation of transgender characters in literature and it's important to her to showcase queer love as something positive to take pride in.

In addition to writing, Jadzia is also a mother and a board member for Philadelphia Family Pride, a nonprofit that host events and provides LGBTQ+ families with a space to connect.
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