Temporary gasoline shortage nearly over, experts say

PHILADELPHIA (WPVI) -- There is an end in sight to a gas shortage that sent some people to the pump in a panic.

Experts say a major gas leak in the South caused prices around the country to increase.

Some places even saw gas shortages after the leak at the Colonial Pipeline in Alabama.

The critical pipeline supplies gas along the eastern seaboard.

The American Automobile Association (AAA) says ever since the incident prices in the Delaware Valley have been on the rise.

Delaware has seen the highest jump in the tristate area, up 11 cents per gallon in the past week.

Philadelphia has seen a 4-cents-per-gallon jump, and South Jersey is up 3 cents per gallon in the last week.

Drivers like George Mathis from Northeast Philadelphia say they pay close attention to the prices in hopes of saving a couple pennies.

"I usually go where it is cheaper," Mathis told Action News, "and sometimes on Sunday I ride to Jersey because it is less than $2 a gallon."

Mathis says while the Colonial Pipeline leak didn't put a dent in his pocket, anything that causes prices to jump at the pump is not good news.

Other drivers say they really haven't noticed much difference. In fact, some say prices right now are good.

"I am very happy with the gas prices right now, because last year it was terrible," said Leo Robert from Drexel Hill, Pa. "I mean it was costing us a couple hundred bucks a week to fill up both trucks, and now we are down below a hundred dollars. So that is great."

Whether or not you noticed the recent increase at the pump due to the pipeline leak, the good news is, AAA says within a week or so prices will start to decrease as fuel deliveries return to normal. null
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