Baby names inspired by popular companies and products

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Wednesday, May 20, 2015
Portrait of a 3-month-old baby lying down on a blanket.

Celebrities are notorious for giving their kids unique baby names, but Apple and Blue Ivy have nothing on some "brand name" baby names that non-Hollywood moms and dads have been handing out.

According to the website The Stir, some popular products and companies such as Ikea, Lexus, Nutella and Sephora are now making their way to the first name slot on birth certificates.

Fancy names include Armani and Aston - as in Martin.

What about Canon - like the camera? Or popular auto maker Chevy?

ESPN is also on the list, which they say is pronounced "ess-pin".

There are even social media inspired names such as Facebook and Google.

Would you ever consider a popular brand name for your baby?