Experts recommend keeping up back-to-school routine, even if return to school will be remote

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Monday, August 31, 2020
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Experts reccommend keeping your 'Back to School' routine even if your child will be attending classes virtually

For many students this year back to school is really back to Zoom meetings at their kitchen tables.

While there are certainly differences in this back-to-school season, there are also plenty of things that should stay the same.

"A remote school day is going to look different from a school day on site," said Johanna Vicchairelli of Deptford Township School District.

And yet, she added, there needs to be normalcy.

Laura Zaharakis of Ramos Elementary in the Allentown School District added, "I believe that school success starts with- like- having effective routines."

We enlisted the help of Zaharakis and Vicchairelli. Students in their districts are starting the year fully remote.

"I would suggest you keep your same schools schedule as you would during the normal school year. That includes a regular bedtime, a regular wake up time. Breakfast time. Get dressed for school," Vicchairelli listed.

That also involves getting back into a normal sleep routine.

"If teenagers have been up, to all hours in the morning, gaming, turn off the video game like an hour before bedtime, and to do that gradually," continued Zaharakis.

Some other tips: designate a spot for learning and maintain classroom etiquette, including saving meals for meal time.

As for the great pajama debate, Vicchairelli emphasized, "I would say, get dressed."

Zaharakis elaborated, "I think getting dressed for school, helps them do better, focus more, and have a more serious outlook on this as school time."

It might not feel like the normal start to a school year, but be sure to celebrate the milestones.

"Keep it as special and normal as possible. Take those first day of school photos, and do whatever you would normally do to prepare for the beginning of school," Vicchairelli suggested.