3-year anniversary of Batkid saving San Francisco

SAN FRANCISCO -- Remember when thousands came together in San Francisco to help make Miles Scott's Make-A-Wish dream of becoming Batkid come true?

Miles has something in common with the caped crusader - bravery. He was diagnosed with leukemia at just 18 months. Fortunately, he's now in remission.

His wish was to become Batman and Make-A-Wish Greater Bay Area made it happen in grand fashion.

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Thousands of people helped turn San Francisco into Gotham City to help make his dream come true - he took off in a Batmobile to save a damsel in distress, caught the Riddler red-handed in a bank vault, and chased Penguin through AT*T Park to rescue Giants mascot Lou Seal.

It's now three years later and we're happy to report that Miles is doing great.

He's now 8-years-old, plays in Little League and is thriving, according to the Make-A-Wish Foundation. His family also recently welcomed a third son, Ben, into the family.

8-year-old Miles Scott poses with his younger brother Clayton in the Little League uniforms in early 2016.

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