5-year-old boy found by good Samaritan after boarding wrong bus in Bensalem, Pa.

"I want the principal and vice principal out, they're careless of these kids," said the boy's mother.
BENSALEM TWP., Pennsylvania (WPVI) -- A Bensalem Township mother is livid after her five-year-old son was put on the wrong school bus Tuesday.

Crystina Rodriguez says her son's bus driver dropped the kindergartener off in an unfamiliar area.

A good Samaritan found the child in the 2700 block of Knights Road.

Rodriguez estimates her son was walking around for about 40 minutes until the good Samaritan stopped and asked him if he was lost.

"I was thinking (about) the worst that could happen to my son if they can't find him. The worst was going through my mind," said Rodriguez who stood outside Samuel Faust Elementary School Thursday with signs, calling for better safety measures. She wants the school to call a meeting.

"I want the principal and vice principal out, they're careless of these kids. We need to protect these young kids," said Rodriguez.

The good Samaritan, whom, Rodriguez would like to find and thank, brought Xavier to a nearby gas station.

"A stranger was in contact with my son and took him to a gas station and bought him candy and a slushie," said Rodriguez.

Once at the gas station, police were called.

Police say the school was aware of the missing child after being notified by the family.

After Rodriguez posted about the incident on social media, more parents have come forward about safety concerns at the elementary school.

Jonathan Bonilla said his five-year-old was found wandering on school grounds in November when a substitute teacher did not escort his child to the front office for early dismissal.

Bonilla says his child exited the school through the doors she normally does on a normal dismissal day.

"She pushed through two heavy metal doors alone by herself and walked on school property on the grass where the trees are until the crossing guard noticed there was a child alone on school property," said Bonilla.

Bonilla says he was told that changes would be made, and when he heard about Xavier's incident he had to reach out and joined Xavier's mom outside to protest Thursday.

Bensalem police would not comment but Rodriguez showed Action News the police report.

The school district would not say if any disciplinary action had been taken against the bus driver.

A spokesperson released this statement saying, "We are aware that on January 25, 2022, one of our youngest students boarded the wrong bus, and consequently got off the bus in an unfamiliar area. The student was safely reunited with family. The District is still investigating the situation to ensure it does not happen again."

In a follow-up email asking about Jonathan Bonilla's incident, the school district did not respond.

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