Chicago's El Asador combines Italian and Mexican to create the Birria Pizza

CHICAGO, Ill. -- Have you tried Birria tacos and pizza? Well, you can try both in one bite at El Asador!

El Asador, located in Chicago's Gage Park, is offering a Birria Pizza. It's one of their new popular items. It contains two flour tortillas, meat, a lot of cheese, and of course, the delicious dipping sauce known as consome.

El Asador, owned by the Quintero family, has become a hot spot for delicious dishes that feature a Birria twist.

You can find everything from Birria ramen, Birria torta and, of course, the Birria pizza.

"It's combining basically what Chicago is known for, which is pizza, and then you get something that's really trending, which is Birria," said Alex Rueda, who does marketing for the El Asador restaurants.

The Birria Pizza came to existing during the pandemic and it's been a hit since!

If you're interested in trying this unique combo, stop by their 2755 W. 51st St location.