Teen encourages younger readers with book donations

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Friday, January 8, 2021
Teen encourages younger readers
Bookworm Global is a charity organization to encourage kids to read.

LOS ANGELES -- Bookworm Global collects new or gently used books to distribute to students during the pandemic. The goal of the organization is to help kids foster a love for reading.

"I just distributed 2,000 books to students," said Alana Weisberg, founder of Bookworm Global. "I love reading and I really wanted kids to be able to have the same love of reading that I have."

Fifth-grader Skylyn Scott from ICEF Inglewood wants to be the smartest student in the class.

"I like reading because they help me learn about new things," said Skylyn.

Nicole Peters is the principal at ICEF Inglewood says staff and parents are very grateful for the book donations.

"We got a donation of 2,000 books," said Peters. "We've been struggling with trying to find ways to put books in our kid's hands without depleting our whole library."

Alana's goal is to expand it globally.