Wounded veteran carries woman across finish line at Boston Marathon

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Tuesday, April 18, 2017
Wounded veteran carries Boston Marathon contestant across finish line
A wounded veteran carried his guide across the finish at the Boston Marathon, all while she carried an American flag.

In what has already become an iconic image, a wounded veteran carried his race partner across the finish line at the Boston Marathon on Monday, all while she held an American flag.

Earl Granville lost his leg while serving in Afghanistan under the Pennsylvania Army National Guard in 2008, WCVB reports. He had competed in marathons before, using a hand bike.

During this year's Boston Marathon, however, he walked. Adding to the powerful imagery, as Granville neared the end, he put his guide over his shoulders.

WCVB posted the video to Facebook, where it has millions of views and has been flooded with positive comments.

"This is what Boston Strong is all about! Great sportsmanship and humanity," wrote one viewer.

"The human spirit is alive and well, what a triumphant moment for these two - and in turn, all of us," wrote another.

In a Facebook post, Granville expressed his gratitude for all the support.