New approach could make wrinkle relaxers last longer

Plastic surgeon says up to a year possible with one dose
BALA CYNWYD, Pa. (WPVI) -- Doctors may have found out how to make wrinkle relaxers like Botox and Dysport last longer.

Right now, users need injections about every 4 months to keep a furrowed brow smooth.

However, plastic surgeon Dr. Tim Greco says studies presented at a recent international medical meeting show using higher concentrations gave longer-lasting results.

"20 units gets you 4 months, OK? 40 units might get you 6 months, OK? 60 units may get you 8 months," says Dr. Greco, of Bala Cynwyd, Pa.

And Dr. Greco says the trials presented at the International Neurotoxin Association meeting in Copenhagen, Denmark, showed it's possible to get a full year with 100 units, without more side effects.

He says high doses are already given without complications for some medical purposes, such as children suffering severe muscle spasm disorders.

The tests need to be verified, and approved by the FDA.

But he believes there was so much interest in the studies, new ones will be launched soon, and the OK could come fairly soon.
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