Procrastinator's guide to training for Broad Street run

MANAYUNK (WPVI) -- The Blue Cross Broad Street Run is less than three weeks away.

So you signed up for the Broad Street run, but you slacked off on your training. There is still time and there are some tricks that can help you get ready.

A local trainer is offering tips for any runners who have procrastinated on their training and now find themselves behind schedule.

Ali Jackson, owner of Never Give Up Training in Manayunk, and Ironman triathlete certified coach hears this all time.

"Just how quickly the spring popped up and how they're not sure they're going to pull it off," says Jackson.

You may be tempted to cram in extra miles all at once, but that could lead to injury.

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Using a foam roller is also a great way to help your muscles recover after a training run. Ali Jackson, of Never Give Up Training, shows us three helpful moves for runners.

Ali says instead, slow your pace while upping your mileage 15 to 20-percent each week, so you;ll get as close to reaching 7 to 8 miles as possible by the weekend before the race. Then, maintain that level.

"You're not going to have time to taper, so just keep up steady 4 mile runs, 5 mile runs," Jackson notes.

Also important: don't forget to stretch and don't skip your rest day.

"Because your body needs time to recover, your muscles need that time to recover," she says.

Your muscles also need strength training, especially your legs and core.
Keeping it up will help prevent injury.

"Whatever you do now, two days a week of strength training a week, stick with it, don't drop down, if you do one, keep it at one a day," she says.

And come race day, if you didn't get all the training in as you had hoped, well then it's time to manage expectations.

"Don't go all out, run, walk it, be realistic with your goals, injury is not worth it," Jackson urges.

It's also important to eat healthy, keep your hydration up and get plenty of sleep these next few weeks.

However, if you truly did not train at all and you're not an experienced runner, then it may be good to drop out and plan on running it next year.
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