Must Listen: Bryce Harper describes what it's like playing for Phillies fans

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Monday, October 24, 2022
Must Listen: Bryce Harper describes what Phillies fans are all about
Listen to Bryce Harper describe playing for Phillies fans after the team won the 2022 National League Championship.

PHILADELPHIA (WPVI) -- A lot can be said about what it means to be a Philadelphia Phillies fan.

But nothing might come as close to a perfect description as the one Bryce Harper gave following the Phillies' NLCS Game 5 win on Sunday night.

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This is what the series MVP had to say:

"Unless you're wearing Philly red, or you're a Phillie, they don't like you. I love that. I love every emotion that they have. I did it as an opposing player for a long time and I wanted that. I wanted that emotion from the fans. I wanted that emotion from the fanbase. They just want you to work hard. They want you to play hard. They want you to be who you are. No excuses. They don't care if you're hurt, or if you're not feeling good, or if you didn't get sleep the night before - they don't care.

"Cause they pay their hard-earned dollar to get to the ballpark every day for us and they're doing it right now for us during the playoffs. They just want you to work hard. They don't care. They just want you to grind for them. They want you to go out there and play the best baseball you can no matter what.

"I loved walking in as an opposing player knowing that I was going to get absolutely blasted by these fans. And it was what it was and I loved it. It made me want to come here and play because I knew how much they cared. I knew how much they love their players and how much passion and how much drive they all have.

"Everybody talks about the blue-collarness of this city and the fight that they have, it just rubs off on all of us. I've said it multiple times, if we have 46,000 people in the stadium, that's 46,026 cause we're all in this together. No matter what, where they're at, who they are, where they come from - if you've got Phillies across your chest and you're a fan, you're part of our team. You're part of our organization and you fight with us each day."

Well said, Bryce.

Now, is there a way to put this whole quote on T-shirt?

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