Bucks County sees dramatic increase in COVID-19 cases; officials attribute rise to parties, get togethers

Wednesday, November 11, 2020
Bucks County reports dramatic increase in COVID-19 cases
Bucks County reports dramatic increase in COVID-19 cases

DOYLESTOWN, Pennsylvania (WPVI) -- Throughout Bucks County, infections rose to unprecedented levels last week, and on Tuesday officials sounded the alarm as more cases were reported in any other week of the entire eight-month pandemic.

"Here we go again, but it's maybe a little tougher this time," said Commissioner Diane Ellis-Marseglia

As of last week, the Bucks County Department of Health saw about 118 cases per day. That's a 79% increase compared to the week before and 3.5 times higher than it was a month ago.

Officials say the anticipated fall spike of COVID cases is only exacerbated by Halloween parties, sports get-togethers and weddings.

"We believe the problem isn't coming from businesses as much as it is people getting tired of wearing the masks and coming out of Halloween parties and other parties and things of that nature," said Commissioner Robert Harvie. "We just need people to sort of buckle down and get through the next couple of months."

Officials said they are concerned the community spread virus will find it's way into long term care facilities.

"The cases are spiking, but the deaths are not going up and the hospitalizations are not going up, so the message continues to be please wear a mask all the time and please continue to social distance," said Commissioner Gene DiGirolamo.

During the press conference Tuesday morning, officials announced a large PPE distribution. Thousands of N-95 masks, gloves and face shields were ordered to protect emergency responders and healthcare workers.