Doctors say Fitbit saved N.J. man's life

CAMDEN, N.J. (WPVI) -- Fitbit is the first fitness device that has been used to diagnose a patient, providing doctors with crucial information when their patient is unable to do so.

Jeff Bravo says his heart rate was spiking into dangerous territory, jumping from 70 to 190 BPM.

The high school English teacher had suffered a seizure while at school.

"And I woke up in the ER," said Bravo.

Bravo was taken to Our Lady of Lourdes Medical Center in Camden, New Jersey, where doctors say he had an irregular and fast heartbeat.

The only problem was they needed to know the exact moment his heart rate was irregular to prevent life-threatening blood clots or worse - more seizures.

Bravo couldn't tell them, but his Fitbit could.

"I think the Fitbit definitely saved Mr. Bravo's life," said Dr. Vivek Sailam, Our Lady of Lourdes Medical Center.

The device helped doctors eliminate a lot of the unknowns including if this was a chronic condition or side effect from the seizure.

The recorded date showed Bravo's heart rate had shot up three hours before, meaning this was not normal for the 42-year-old, and they were in the clear to use electric shock to stabilize his heart rate.

"They shocked my heart. It was able to go back to a normal rhythm, and I was sent home later that day," said Bravo.

Now the Christmas present from his wife is one he wears every day.

"Yes, I would definitely say it's peace of mind worn on your wrist," said Bravo.

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