FYI Philly checks out Center City Restaurant Week, SIN Restaurant,Fit Academy | Jan. 27 show

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Wednesday, January 31, 2024
CCD Restaurant Week, SIN Restaurant | Jan. 27 FYI Philly
Christie Ileto and Alicia Vitarelli explore the best options for Center City Restaurant Week. Plus, dining and workout vibes.

PHILADELPHIA (WPVI) -- Christie Ileto and Alicia Vitarelli explore the best options for Center City Restaurant Week. Plus, dining and workout vibes.

Center City Restaurant Week returns with deals at 100+ restaurants

Center City District Restaurant Week runs through February 3 with more than 100 participating restaurants offering special deals and exclusive menus for the event.

The deal includes a 3-course Prix Fix dinner menu for $45 at most restaurants.

Some of the participating restaurants are offering a premium deal that is $60 for dinner.

Lunch is also an option, with a 2-course menu being offered for $20.

There are also parking deals with participating garages offering Restaurant Week attendees $10 parking during the event.

Center City District Restaurant Week | Facebook | Instagram

Runs January 21, 2024 - February 3, 2024 | Parking Info

SIN is a new "vibe" dining spot in Northern Liberties

SIN is an acronym for Steak. Italian. Nightlife, and owner Justin Veasey is touting it as a first of its kind restaurant in Philadelphia.

He describes it as equal parts restaurant and cocktail bar with upscale fare served in a fun environment.

There's Cacio e Pepe made table side.

The chicken parm is served with housemade vodka sauce and buffalo mozzarella.

For vegetarians, there's an eggplant stack and for committed carnivores a 32-ounce prime Tomahawk steak.

The steak is a designed to be shared in a space created for celebrations and special occasions.

Cocktails include an espresso martini based on an Italian recipe with classic Italian liqueurs and La Colombe coffee.

The restaurant's namesake cocktail is called "It's a Sin." It's a sweeter cocktail, made with vanilla vodka, limoncello, strawberry puree and sour mix and served in a graham cracker rimmed glass.

The 'It's a Sin" name is a nod to the common South Philadelphia saying.

For a true dessert cocktail, there's a pistachio martini made with vanilla vodka, Italian amaretto, Curaao and a graham cracker garnish.

Veasey has extensive experience in the nightlife Industry but this is his first go at his own restaurant.

He plans to start offering 'vibe' brunch in February.

Right now, there's a DJ spinning tunes Friday and Saturday nights.

SIN Restaurant | Instagram

1102 Germantown Ave, Philadelphia, Pa. 19123

Giovanni's & Sons brings regional styles of pizza to Royersford

This pizza spot in the 'burbs gives new meaning to the word 'variety'.

Giovanni's & Sons Pizzeria is a family affair going 20 years strong in Royersford.

Owner John Conigliaro says he likes to try different styles, to keep his cooking creativity on point.

He makes a Chicago Tavern style, a Detroit style, and most recently an Old Forge style - from the town in Northeastern Pennsylvania of the same name.

John and his family, who all work there together, are very connected to their community, even asking customers to name some flavors for new pizzas -- like the "You Burrata Be Kidding Me".

Giovanni's & Sons Pizzeria | Facebook

466 Main Street, Royersford, PA 19468


Fit Academy's 6-step plan to crush your fitness goals

Osayi Osunde is the owner of Fit Academy in Brewerytown.

The studio specializes in High-Intensity Interval Training or HIIT workouts, and right now he's running a New Year, new you program.

It runs six weeks and includes unlimited classes.

The offer is meant to combat Ditch Resolutions Day, on January 17th, the date by which most people have just done that.

Osunde, a captain of the football team at Villanova University who went on to play for the Green Bay Packers, started offering Art Museum workouts about a decade ago, before opening his own gym in Brewerytown in late 2016.

He gave us 6 tips for sticking to your wellness goals.

  • 1. Have a Fitness Plan
  • 2. Find a workout you enjoy
  • 3. Focus on your nutrition
  • 4. Find an accountability partner who will work out with you
  • 5. Get yourself in the proper mindset; you have to truly want change.
  • 6. Create a routine that involves making a habit of tips 1-5

Fit Academy | Facebook | Instagram

1363 N 31st Street, Philadelphia, Pa. 19121

The Organized Home Co transforms rooms from chaos to cohesive

Tink Rainbow and Samantha Falzone started The Organized Home Co to help people get rooms in their homes streamlined and stress-free.

The two former teachers specialize in de-cluttering and re-designing, then setting up systems that help their clients keep the spaces organized.

The duo will be at the Philly Home + Garden Show, Feb, 23-25 at the Greater Philadelphia Expo Center at Oaks.

Philly Home + Garden Show | Instagram

The Organized Home Co | Facebook


Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey brings reinvented circus to Philly

The Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey are reinventing the traveling circus with a new show in Philadelphia at the Wells Fargo Center February 16-19, 2024.

The show, which dates back more than 150 years, has a new look, dropping the train and animals and adding exciting acrobatics and other death-defying stunts that have always made the circus a thrilling destination.

The new tour hit the road in September with a cast of 74 performers from 14 different countries around the world -- bringing the circus back to life.

Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey | Facebook | Instagram

Runs February 16-19 at the Wells Fargo Center | Tickets

Tour the original Cove Haven Resort with Pocono Television Network

Pocono Television Network takes you inside the iconic Cove Haven in Lakeville, one of three Cove Pocono Resorts in the Pocono Mountains.

Cove Haven set the wheels in motion for an industry built on love and lovers, honeymoons and heart-shaped tubs.

There's a massage room, dry saunas and remodeled bathrooms. In the bedroom, there's a twinkling light ceiling and king king-size round bed.

Activities are a big part of Cove Haven or any Cove property as couples play games with other couples.

Countless couples celebrating love over the years for years to come heart-shaped tubs and all.

You can book on or find Cove on social @poconoromance.

The Fabric Workshop and Museum is known for its textiles and its current exhibition features videos from an artist born and raised in Japan.

The Fabric Workshop and Museum Presents Eiko Otake: I Invited Myself, Vol. III: Duets

You'll find yourself fully immersed in artist Eiko Otake's latest project called, Eiko Otake: I Invited Myself, Vol. III: Duets.

Otake co-curated it with DJ Hellerman, Chief Curator at The Fabric Workshop and Museum.

"It really is a focus on how Eiko collaborates throughout her dance practice," says Hellerman. "We're an institution dedicated to collaboration and experimentation. We work with artists to help them explore and try new things."

"I am actually a performing artist," says Otake. "I started making media work, in addition to the performance work in the '80s."

Hellerman says some of the earliest works on display are two video performances that Eiko did with her partner, Koma.

"Since 2014, I became a solo artist," says Otake.

Philadelphia is the third city to host Otake's work as part of a 10-year project started in 2021.

She says part of the reason she wanted to do this video exhibition was to leave something behind, since performances happen and then disappear.

With the edited videos, she's creating an archive of performances.

"And every video Eiko is working with a different collaborator - that could be another dancer, that could also be a moth," says Hellerman. "And we projected that video on a Japanese mosquito screen that Eiko used when she was growing up in Japan."

There are four video wells for viewing works.

"I can create a little individual place for each piece to talk to the visitor directly," says Otake.

She says this exhibition allows her performance work to stay and be shared with many more people.

"And that is kind of exciting to me," she says.

Eiko Otake: I Invited Myself, Vol. III: Duets is on view through March 24 at The Fabric Workshop and Museum.

Eiko Otake: I Invited Myself, Vol. III: Duets | Free tickets

The Fabric Workshop and Museum

1214 Arch Street, Philadelphia, PA 19107