Heartless robber preys upon handicapped Seattle couple

SEATTLE, WA -- A handicapped couple fell easy prey to a heartless robber at a local Seattle mall.

Carolyn-Park Williams and her husband both have cerebral palsy and are wheelchair bound. They often spend their afternoons at Seattle's Northgate Mall, where Carolyn works on Christian book reviews using her hand-held tablet. The couple was enjoying a recent Friday afternoon together when they caught the attention of two suspicious characters standing nearby.

"I didn't want to engage them because they were kind of scary looking," Carolyn said.

And with good reason, for moments later one of individuals, seen in the video surveillance in a red T-shirt, approached the couple, grabbed the tablet and ran off.

"I was mostly angry because they scared me and made me feel unsafe," Carolyn said. "If they stole from me, they've got bigger problems than I do."

Still, Carolyn appears to have taken it all in stride.

She says she's forgiven the robbers.

"You really feel sorry for these people," she said. "You feel like they are worse off if they are willing to stoop to something like this."

Police are investigating the crime, and the search for the suspects continues.

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