Bear seen meandering through Chalfont Borough, Pa.

CHALFONT, Pa. (WPVI) -- A black bear has been roaming around several neighborhoods in Bucks County and the animal is still causing some concern.

At least a dozen sightings were called in to Chalfont Borough Police between 6:00 a.m. and 9:00 a.m. Wednesday.

Schools kept a close eye on the situation, with at least one opting for an indoor recess today.

The bear moved in a southeasterly direction and at one point it passed through a park on the Neshaminy Creek, which is located right behind Chalfont Borough Hall.

Sergeant Robert Milligan of Chalfont Police explains, "[The bear] was just ambling along, minding his own business. He wasn't bothering anybody. He wasn't turning over trash cans that are the typical things you hear about or see. He was just wondering through the neighborhoods."

Chalfont is home to 4,000 people, and for a while today this meandering bear.

Sergeant Milligan tracked him, alerting residents and at one point picked up his cell phone and captured the moment.

"It's not frequently we see a black bear roaming through Chalfont Borough. SO not only as a professional was I maintaining the aspect of public safety but also out of curiosity for myself, as just a human being, the aspect of a black bear roaming through the neighborhoods," Milligan said.

The bear last seen heading west. Sergeant Milligan was asked what should people do if they spot a bear?

"Do not approach the bear. Do not try to feed the bear. Do not do it, it is a wild animal," he said. "Notify 911 - notify police so that we can notify the Game Commission."

In video taken by Sergeant Milligan tags can be seen in the bears ears, indicating that he has previously been captured by game officials somewhere before.

The Game Commission is alerted to the situation and has both agents and traps on standby should the bear get into any trouble.
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