'Chalk Mom' partners with Make-A-Wish to draw for kids with life-threatening illnesses

ByNatalie Heller Localish logo
Friday, September 11, 2020
'Chalk Mom' draws for kids with life-threatening illnesses
This mom took the internet by storm with her jaw-dropping chalk drawings.

Stacy Lazzara, a South Elgin mom of two, started chalk drawing to keep her daughters entertained during quarantine.

She creates intricate, whimsical landscapes for her daughters to interact with. She posted the drawings to her Instagram page and her artwork has helped her find fans across the country as she spreads a little joy.

Now, she is partnering with the Make-A-Wish foundation to send kids in the community on their own driveway chalk adventures.

"Being a Make-A-Wish family ourselves you really understand the impact that small acts of kindness have along the way and your journey. Our family has been in those shoes before," she said. "We remember those small gestures that other people did for us and how motivating they were and how far they went just bringing smiles and so for us this experience to pay that forward to other families, it really is kind of this beautiful full circle opportunity."

Lazzara is hoping to remind the kids that amazing things are ahead.

"I tried to tie in with their wish themes as a reminder to hang in there, stay positive, and that amazing adventures are in store for them," she said.

She hopes to continue drawing and visiting more families, while also spreading smiles. To see more of Stacy's art, follow her on Instagram @stacylazzara