Breaking down Cherelle Parker's selection of Kevin Bethel for Philadelphia Police Chief

ByNiki Hawkins WPVI logo
Monday, November 27, 2023
Watch Nov. 26 Inside Story | New Philly PD chief Kevin Bethel
Inside Story dissects Kevin Bethel's Philadelphia roots, his tenure with the Philadelphia Police Department and what made him a 'stand-out' candidate.

PHILADELPHIA (WPVI) -- Host Tamala Edwards and the Inside Story panel take a deep dive into Kevin Bethel as Mayor-elect Cherelle Parker's choice for the next Philadelphia Police Chief.

They discuss his Philadelphia roots, his tenure with the police department and what made him a 'stand-out' in the vetting process.

Other topics included Senator Bob Casey's messaging on the economy by coining the term 'greedflation', and GOP Senate challenger Dave McCormick calling for UPENN President Elizabeth Magill to resign over the University's response to the Israel-Gaza conflict in a recent podcast.

Plus, a new entry into the crowded field for Pennsylvania Attorney General, how the Latino vote could shape the Presidential Election in 2024, plus ageism in politics ramps up as President Joe Biden turns 81.

Get the Inside Story with panelists David Dix, Jeff Jubelirer, Neil Oxman and Alison Young.