Ramsey's frank talk on city crime in barbershop podcast

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Thursday, September 24, 2015
Ramsey's tough talk on city crime in barbershop podcast

EAST MT. AIRY (WPVI) -- Philadelphia's top cop got a haircut and had some frank talk about crime in the city.

Commissioner Charles Ramsey hosted his monthly podcast while visiting his barber in East Mount Airy.

He was candid about the crime rate here in Philadelphia.

Ramsey says it is up to citizens to take action, and mentioned the Black Lives Matter movement.

He said, "If we don't deal with it, what do we wind up with? The same stuff we've been dealing with over and over again. It's not going to fix itself. That movement has the potential of being the most significant civil rights movement since the 60s. Now that's saying a lot."

Ramsey uses his Commish Chat podcast to discuss issues that impact the community.

Take a listen to the latest episode here.