A few of our favorite Conshohocken restaurant take-out options

ByMike Monsell WPVI logo
Thursday, April 2, 2020

CONSHOHOCKEN, Pennsylvania (WPVI) -- Conshohocken is just plain cool. "Conshy," as the locals refer to it, has a thriving restaurant scene, and now is the time for all of us to support these eateries.

In addition to great dine-in restaurants, Conshohocken has a spirited selection of local delis and sandwich shops. There are also a ton of ethnic options, from Mexican to Chinese to Thai. The pizza options are limitless. Picking my top five was tough, but here we go.

Chiang Mai


I work in Philadelphia, but my business colleagues in Conshohocken know they can lure me back out here to a business lunch IF we go to Chiang Mai. Yep, this place is my go-to! It's just perfect Thai cuisine. Unfortunately, my kids don't care for Thai food, so I don't visit this place as much as I'd like. I think now's the time fix that!

Baggataway Tavern


If you love wings, Conshohocken has you covered. Many people love Flanigan's Boathouse, while others go to FWOT (Fingers, Wings, and Other Things.) But when my son and I crave wings, we go to The Baggataway Tavern! Technically in West Conshohocken, their wings have the perfect combination of sauce and dry spices. As I write this, I'm thinking I might call them tonight!

Gypsy Saloon


We are a take-out family. My teenage boys don't like dining out much. So when the wife and I get a dinner date, Gypsy Saloon is usually in the conversation. It's upscale eats at reasonable prices. The menu is eclectic, but not too crazy. Even the most basic of eaters will find something on their menu. My wife is a vegetarian, but she always finds something to suit her, too. They also have a location in West Conshohocken, but it's my list, and I make the rules.

Tony & Joe's Pizza


Every take-out list must have a pizza pick, right? We bounce around and try a lot of different places. There's Illianos, Pizza Time Saloon, and a real gem called Franzone's. But our go-to is Tony & Joe's Pizza. I can't tell you why we like it best. We just do. The only drawback to this place is parking. Normally, it's a crap shoot to find a place to park. But in these times, you'll likely have many spaces to choose from.

El Limon


We finish with a true Conshohocken favorite - El Limon. I don't know anyone who doesn't love El Limon. This place is so popular, you usually have to wait in a 10-20 minute line just for take-out (I know that's not ideal with social distancing, but I'm sure they have a new "system" by now.) I'm no Mexican food connoisseur, but their eats are as good as anywhere I've ever been. If you're going to patronize just one place on my list, make it El Limon. You won't be disappointed.