As people line up for boosters, who should mix and match COVID-19 shots?

A doctor tells us mixing and matching vaccines might be good for some who are looking for a high immune response.
TRENTON, New Jersey (WPVI) -- Governor Phil Murphy visited a COVID-19 vaccine site in Trenton, New Jersey on Thursday as part of a push to get more New Jerseyans who are eligible to do the same.

AFSCME President Lee Saunders and Mercer County Executive Brian Hughes were among those who got their boosters at the Henry J. Austin Health Clinic.

The Health Hub at Camden County College in Blackwood is now offering all three booster shots by appointment in a drive-through system: Pfizer, Johnson & Johnson, and the half dose of Moderna.

Officials said Thursday they had a full slate of appointments, administering 250 shots - many of them boosters.

"I have health issues and also for my husband's sake - he's battling stage four cancer," said Linda Novak as she waited for her booster Thursday morning.

At the site, patients can decide which booster to get now that mixing and matching vaccines has been authorized.

Dr. Mark Condoluci, an infectious disease specialist with Jefferson New Jersey, says mixing and matching might be good for some who are looking for a high immune response.

He says this is especially desirable for the immune-compromised.

"There's evidence to suggest that mixing and matching with any of the vaccinations may produce a higher immune response for that person," said Condoluci.

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Others may want to be consistent and stay with the same brand if they had a good response the first time around.

Condoluci says ultimately if you're not sure which booster to get - ask your doctor.

"Of course it also comes down to availability of the vaccine to that person. And you go through these different factors and how it may be tailored to that particular person and ultimately you come up with hopefully a positive resolution for that person," said Condoluci.

He also says he thinks at some point everyone will be eligible for a booster shot.
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